Boys Names – C


Meaning ‘charioteer’ this was also the name of the snarling lion used as the MGM mascot back in the golden age of Hollywood.

It’s an unusual name now but one of my favourites.

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This attractive name means ‘beautiful child’. It’s pronounced kwee-veen and is the Irish form of the name Kevin.


This means ‘slender’.

It’s pronounce ‘kay-lawn’.


Meaning ‘strong in battle’ and derives from 2 Irish words, ‘cath’ meaning battle and ‘val’ meaning rule. Cathal Brugha was an Irish revolutionary active in the Easter Rising of 1916.


This means ‘ancient’ and has become a very popular name in Ireland in the last 10 years.


This one means ‘black’ or dark’. The name is linked to Ciar who was the son of Fergus, the King of Ulster.

It is also found as Kieran, Kieron, Keeran and Kyran.


This may also be spelt in the more English way as Killian.

Famous guys: Irish actor Cillian Murphy from Inception.

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The name derives from the French Nicholas and was brought to Ireland by the Normans. It may have come from Coileán meaning ‘young hound’ or ‘pup’. Coilín is another variant.  Cailean has it’s origins in Scots Gaelic.

Another variant on this is Calian. Alternatively, Calian may have it’s origins in Caillín. There was a St. Caillín who was the Bishop of Fenagh.

Famous guys: Colin Farrell, Irish movie star has popularised this name again. As has the English actor Colin Firth.

Colin Jackson, former English sprint and hurdle athlete.


It means ‘hound’. This name was made famous in the US by the talk-show host Conan O’Brien.


Related to the old Irish name Conchur or Conchubhar it means ‘lover of hounds”. Many famous figures from Irish history bore this name. One of them, Concobhar mac Neasa, was the King of Ulster in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology and ruled from Emain Macha (Navan Fort).

The name can also be spelt Connor.


This name comes from the Manx (Isle of Man) and means ‘charioteer’. The name that of many famous people including novelist Cormac McCarthy who wrote The Road.

Famous guys: Cormac McCarthy, author.

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